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Kimberley Richmond

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Kimberley Richmond is the owner of Beautiful Spaces Interior Design. She is a perfectionist who aims to incorporate style, sophistication and colour in an inspiring way and treats each job with a refreshing, individualistic approach. "I do not want to trademark my design ideas in the same way for each project. Each job is a unique area that I try and attain inspiring ideas that will have clients attempting applications/ styles they never would usually.


My interpretation is if you have gone to the effort of contacting an Interior Designer lets go that extra mile. I get very involved in all areas of design. With a background in graphic design I even design my own wallpapers, so that each home is unique. I would probably describe my design and colours as being quite bold. My lines are modern but not clinical.


I cover all areas of interiors from your decorative touches all the way through to major renovations. I find clients get quite intimidated when it comes to building and if they have someone to guide them through the process and manage it, it takes the overwhelming aspect away. Sometimes people know what they like but they can't match it all together. I make every effort to inspire them and get them to see the bigger picture.


What drives me in my career is a huge passion for what I do. Going through the process and transforming someone's home and seeing the joy of the end result brings me great pleasure. Having a phenomenal team of contractors that bring my vision into reality, with my high standards, makes the process even easier. I love what I do and that is evident in all my homes."


Unit 4 & 5 Maitland Mews

No. 10 16th Avenue


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